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Application of fiber and power hybrid cable in Enterprise Park, campus and Airport

Time:2021-08-13| Author:admin

Application of photoelectric composite cable in Enterprise Park, campus and Airport

Today, when everything is interconnected, 4G / 5G base stations, WiFi equipment, security equipment, traffic monitoring equipment, climate detection system and other applications in the enterprise park are gradually increasing, and the power supply problem of equipment needs to be solved. The photoelectric hybrid networking solution adopts the networking mode of "photoelectric composite cable + outdoor ONU + network cable jumper + terminal equipment", The photoelectric composite cable is transmitted to the multi-functional intelligent pole at a long distance. The photoelectric composite cable + outdoor ONU is configured on the multi-functional intelligent pole to provide signal transmission and power supply for a variety of terminal equipment. This solution can meet the requirements of high broadband of equipment and reduce the use of cables. It will be more and more popular in park wiring and urban infrastructure construction.

The obvious advantages of photoelectric composite cable are:

(1) Small outer diameter, light weight and small space.

(2) It has superior bending resistance and good lateral pressure resistance, convenient construction and maintenance, and is conducive to the long-term stable operation of the network.

(3) At the same time, it provides a variety of transmission technologies, which has high adaptability and strong scalability with the same equipment, and the products are widely applicable;

According to the actual use, photoelectric composite cables can be divided into pipeline type, overhead type, directly buried type, indoor wiring type, special purpose type and so on. General pipeline type, overhead type, directly buried type and indoor wiring type photoelectric composite cables are mainly used outdoors, which can provide power transmission and signal transmission for outdoor macro stations; Indoor wiring type photoelectric composite cable is mainly used indoors to provide power transmission and signal transmission for communication indoor distribution stations.

(4) Solve the power consumption problem of equipment in network construction (avoid repeated distribution of power supply lines); As there are both optical fiber cores and power cores in the photoelectric composite cable, there are many different models. The number of optical fiber cores is generally 2-144 cores, and the cable voltage range is from 48V to 110kV. In indoor application, the photoelectric composite cable with voltage of 48V is generally used; When providing access for outdoor remote or macro stations, it is generally necessary to use photoelectric composite cables with a voltage range of 280v to 750V. 
Application demand and Prospect of 01 pol all-optical network for photoelectric composite cable

Pol (passive optical LAN) passive all-optical network is a new campus network solution rising in recent years. It takes the single-mode optical fiber with larger bandwidth capacity, longer transmission distance, smaller volume / weight and lower use and maintenance cost as the medium. Technically, PON technology, which has been widely used in the optical fiber to home broadband access market of telecom operators, is adopted. In addition to breaking through the transmission distance limit of traditional Ethernet, thanks to the passive optical splitting characteristics of PON technology, pol can also save active equipment in the convergence layer and a series of expenses such as room space, power distribution and heat dissipation compared with the traditional Ethernet switch scheme.

The biggest feature of Pol all-optical network is that the network equipment ONU and OLT are placed at the equipment end and the core machine room respectively. There is no active equipment between ONU and OLT, the transmission distance is long, and the points of ONU active equipment are scattered. If we adopt the traditional method, the data optical cable and power supply copper cable are laid separately, the material cost, construction cost, management and maintenance cost will be much higher than the integrated photoelectric composite cable. In order to realize the real indoor all-optical network in Pol all-optical network, even if the short-distance copper cable jumper is only used at the end of the equipment, the synchronous deployment of indoor ONU data optical cable and power supply copper cable must be considered, and the cable and route design and implementation must be simplified. The photoelectric composite cable and its management system will be the best choice. At present, photoelectric composite cable has been widely used in public security, wireless communication, patrol, vehicle management system, etc.

02 application requirements of smart lamp pole for photoelectric composite cable

Smart light pole is a public infrastructure integrating various functions. It can provide various uses, including functional lighting, traffic monitoring, pollutant monitoring, air quality monitoring, Wi Fi, 4G / 5G base station, broadcasting, information screen, charging pile and so on. It has attracted more and more attention in the current network infrastructure construction.

In the construction of smart light poles, a large number of equipment are integrated in the light poles, and each equipment needs at least 1-2 cables for power supply and signal transmission, while the space of the light poles is narrow. Therefore, the reduction of cable outer diameter and the integration of cable bundle are two new demands for the cable industry in the field of smart light pole construction, and the cables for power supply and signal transmission of smart light poles involve power lines, network cables Optical cable, how to provide reasonably designed photoelectric composite cable will become a new opportunity in this industry.

03 application requirements of Park monitoring system for photoelectric composite cable

The monitoring system is composed of five parts: camera, transmission, control, display, recording and registration. The camera transmits the video image to the control host through optical fiber, and the control host distributes the video signal to each monitor and video recording equipment. At the same time, the voice signal to be transmitted can be synchronously input into the video recorder. If the traditional wiring method is adopted, it will face problems such as long transmission distance, wide distribution of active equipment points, tight routing and difficult construction and maintenance. The excellent characteristics of photoelectric composite cable make it widely used in the park monitoring system.

The photoelectric composite cable is an optical cable that can transmit power supply and optical signal. Therefore, the photoelectric composite cable can avoid the repeated threading of optical fiber and wire in the construction process. The optical cable can be laid in one tube, which can significantly reduce the cost. Photoelectric composite cable is very suitable for the park network system with large area. It is a new access mode. It integrates optical fiber and transmission copper wire, and can solve the problems of equipment power consumption and signal transmission at the same time.

In addition to the application advantages of photoelectric composite cable in the above scenarios, it also has some problems in practical application:

(1) In the current standards, the optical cable is erected according to the standards of "no electricity" or "weak electricity". The photoelectric composite cable may not be suitable for laying in the weak current pipeline. It needs to be fully considered and clarified in the actual line design and construction specifications;

(2) The photoelectric composite cable is charged. Compared with the traditional optical cable, attention should be paid to the risk of electric shock in construction and maintenance;

(3) The concept of "copper free optical cable" is not applicable to the photoelectric composite cable. If it is used as an ordinary optical cable, the photoelectric composite cable may be stolen.

Photoelectric technology is more and more widely used in real life, which has a significant impact on people's production and life. However, the means of transmitting electric energy and the means of transmitting light are different. When transmitted separately, the two kinds of energy will not interfere. The photoelectric composite cable integrates power supply and signal transmission, which can effectively solve the problems of broadband access, standby power and signal transmission, save space and cost and improve transmission efficiency, It is a very ideal optical fiber access mode.

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