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How stress sensing cable is installed?

Time:2021-08-10| Author:admin

The stress optical cable manufacturer tells you some relevant information about the stress optical cable. Do you know what system the stress optical cable is and where it is mainly used? The editor tells everyone that the system is currently a product with high performance indicators, strong functionality, high reliability, and advanced technology. The optical components used are imported devices produced through nanotechnology, and the digital processing chips purchased are military-grade components of the Patriot missile in the 1990s. Digital filtering technology uses satellite ground camera data filtering technology.

  The application of stress optical cables in tunnels and cable interlayers mainly provides: road, railway tunnel, subway, power cable tunnel early fire detection cable surface and cable interlayer temperature monitoring real-time temperature data output.

Three-dimensional warehouse fire monitoring installation method: FDTS system is widely used in many flammable and explosive storage warehouses or large spaces. As a fire monitoring and alarm system in this case, the installation of stress optical cables should follow the following specifications And layout requirements: The stress optical cable is usually installed in the upper space of the container equal to the ceiling in a U-shape. When the ceiling height does not exceed 7.5m, the laying is carried out in a single layer.

  The installation of stress optical cable should be higher than the high surface of the shelf, and the height above the ground should not exceed 6m. The width between the stress optical cable and the stress optical cable, and between the stress optical cable and the wall should not exceed 7.5m. When the ceiling exceeds 7.5m and the shelf height exceeds 6m, a stress optical cable can no longer meet the needs of normal monitoring and alarm, and another stress optical cable must be installed in the middle of the shelf parallel to the ceiling. The stressed optical cable must not exceed the specified distance limit in accordance with the specification.
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